[Dixielandjazz] Dr. Jazz

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet@earthlink.net
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 19:06:07 -0400

Brian Towers questions Dr. Jazz being a "drug" double entendre tune.
Here are the lyrics.

Every body gets the blues now and then,
and don't know what to do
I've had it happen many, many times to me
and so have you.
But   those days have gone and  past,
I found out what to do at last,
When I feel all in, down and  out,
You will hear me shout:

 Oh, Hello  Central, give me Doctor Jazz,
 He's got just what I need, I'll say he has.
 When the world goes wrong, and I got the blues,
 He's the man who makes me get out both my dancing shoes.
 The more I get, the more I want, it seems.
 I page old Doctor Jazz in all my dreams,
 When I'm trouble bound and mixed, He's the guy that gets me fixed,
 Hello, Central, give me Doctor Jazz.

 Circa 1927
 Lyric by Walter Melrose, Music by Joseph "King" Oliver

As Brian says, Joe Oliver might not have fooled around with drugs, But
then, he didn't write the lyric. Walter Melrose of Melrose Brothers
publishing did. And of course, Oliver being from New Orleans in those
halcyon days would certainly have experienced the world of thugs, drugs
and prostitutes. The so-called seamy beginnings of jazz.

And Melrose Brothers?  Hey, they were a publishing house and sure to
recognize the value of referring to "doing the naughty" politely for the
"in crowd" jazz fans.

Anyway, the lyrics speak for themselves.

The more I get the MORE I WANT,
I page old Dr. Jazz in all my DREAMS
He's the guy that gets me FIXED.

This was circa 1927, the Jazz Age, rebellious jazz fans, wild kids, etc.
Not us old fuddy duddies listening to "artsy music".