[Dixielandjazz] Dr Jazz - a song about?

Thompson rebecca.e.thompson@verizon.net
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 05:53:32 -0500

For someone like me with the "Jazz Disease", I need a "fix" of Jazz
every so often.  I never associate this song with drugs.  Typical of
many songs of that era, there were double meanings... Guess it just
depends on where you want to place the emphasis.

Rebecca Thompson
Flower Mound, TX

>From Barbone 

DR. JAZZ: "Here's a song about sex or drugs in the 1920s. Now I know
that your parents or grandparents say there was no sex or drugs then,
but Dr. Jazz was either the local pusher, or the local pimp. Listen to
the words. Then we sing  the second line as "He's got just what I need
I'll say he has."  (equals drugs) or "You got just what I need, you know
you has." which sung while looking directly at a pretty young lady, or a
smiling older lady equals pimp or hooker, or fantasy. Guaranteed to
please the audience.