[Dixielandjazz] A visit with Mike Marois

JimDBB@aol.com JimDBB@aol.com
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 00:03:32 EDT

I recently had the good fortune to meet and enjoy a visit with lister, Mike 
Marois.  MIke came up from his home in Arkansas to the Brasswind music store 
in South Bend, Indiana and then swung by my place in Northbrook, North of 
Chicago. Mike went to the Brasswind in search of atuba and he told me that he 
was delighted to find one that he really liked and the price was very good. 

Mike had contacted me and asked me if he could stop by and both Judi K and I 
were delighted with this.  Mike is quite a guy and we had a nice afternoon 
talking and playing records etc.  Mike's uncle was Frank Assunto and I worked 
with and knew Frank very well way back in the 60s. MIke and I were able to 
share stories and information on the assunto family.

MIke has been very active working with the Assunto family in securing their 
rightful claim to the Dukes of Dixieland name.  Many of you know that John 
shoup has been putting out a group with the Dukes name for years and the 
Assunto family has never received a dime for this.  This matter has been 
before the courts and MIke has some exciting news about this. But I will let 
him report this when he feels that it is right.  MIke did say that he has 
been making plans to restore the authentic tradition of dixieland jazz that 
was established by the Assuntos.

It was great to meet MIke Marois and to spend some time with him.

Regards, MIke from myself and Judi K

Jim Beebe