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It's not a newsletter, if it were I would need to remember everything!
Besides who would write a newsletter about a website?  We've been running
this non-commercial website for around six years and since it's a cyber jazz
society to many and since societies put out newsletters, we try to publish
an update more or less monthly.

Another month and a half has passed and I know you have been out there
fighting, pushing and tugging to promote jazz.  Just to let you know you're
not alone:

On the local scene:

Debate on the future of local (Yellow Springs, Ohio) FM radio station WYSO
ranges on. I'm trying to get permission to post this Impact Weekly (Sept
19th) article.  This ties in (in a strange way) to another article
(Marvelous Link below) I've just received.  Two unrelated articles with a
common thread.  Both of these articles focus, each in it's own way, on the
bigger question of where our music is going.

A Most Marvelous Link:

One of my musician friends sent this most wonderful link to me,
http://www.npr.org/programs/morning/features/2002/technopop/index.html it's
about a friend of mine, Sam Meier and the cradle of recorded jazz. If you
have not seen this, be sure to check it out.

Ron Gable the jazz writer:

Told you last time about taking on the job of jazz writer for the Impact
Weekly in Dayton, Ohio.  Well I've turned in twelve articles and one CD
review so far and it's taking much more time than expected, who would've
guessed?  I've been asked by some, outside the Impact delivery area, to put
these into an archive on the website, we'll see.

On the national and international scene:

Having re-written the trad jazz listing pages on our website, I'm working on
some minor revisions.  Need to do some database work to get the listings in
each sub-category in alphabetical order.  Still trying to catch up and get
more bands listed, don't give up.

On the Jazz Advocate scene:

We are changing the way we list CDs for sale, we will not be selling CDs
through our site.  We will list CDs for our members and link potential
customers directly to their site for any money transactions.  We want to
help you sell your CDs; we just want to get out of the money end of the
business.  We will work out the details shortly; e-mail me if you have

We have added a few more to the Jazz Art venue check it out at:


The bulletin board need more input, this is where you can post jazz related
items at: http://www.jazzadvocate.com/discussion2/.  Does this sound
familiar?  I still believe that this will be a most useful tool to the
international jazz community if all would start using it.  Post your events,
items you want to buy or sell and anything as long as it jazz related.

We are getting around 700 hits per week and growing, so thanks to you all
for your help in this battle to preserve jazz a true American Art form.

I have recently gone onto Social Security and have to supplement my income
to make up the gap from what I get from them and the cost of living.  I know
there is very little money in jazz and I don't want to impact anybody's jazz
efforts but part of the needed supplement comes from this website.  So if
you're not a member, please join and help me support jazz.

Now, if you are outraged by the above blatant comment about money and would
like to be removed from my mailing list, simply reply to this message and
put "Remove" in the subject box.

For those of you who are not outraged, thank you for your support,

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