[Dixielandjazz] Farrell stuff

Tito Martino tmartino@terra.com.br
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 16:21:35 -0300

From: "John Farrell":=20

Over the last two days I have received a multitude of messages
kind and generous compliments about the music on my website - far too
for me to send individual responses.

Please accept this as a collective thank you - I'm delighted that so
many of
you derive so much enjoyment from my stuff.

John Farrell
Not only that, but I am enjoying also John Farrell's CD "The Gods are in
the House" with magnificent transcriptions of Tatum, Waller and James P.
(I swapped for my own CD).=20

Highest class work, a labor of love, worth of a libation to the Gods
with my best Malt.

Thanks, John!

Tito Martino
clarinet, s.sax, a.sax,
Tito Martino Jazz Band
S=E3o Paulo  Brasil =20