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Williams, Bob robert.c.williams@eds.com
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Hey Stan:

I've been carrying my trombone on in a reunion blues bag for a number of
years and have never had any trouble.  I would imagine if you call the
airline they'll give you an official policy - and the thing does *not* fit
in the little box and officially must be checked.

But the attendants are generally human and won't give you any crap.  Just be
there early if the flight is full so you can find room overhead.

On the occasions when I've showed up late, the attendants have generally
been helpful about helping me find a place, like a closet or something.

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As a young (67) trombonist-in-training, I'm planning to visit my sister in 
Boulder, Colorado. I plan to continue my practicing (training) while in 
Boulder. I'll be flying there and I'd like to bring my trombone with me as 
a CARRY-ON since I don't have a case strong enough to withstand the rigors 
of the Baggage Handlers.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue and current airline policy?

Stan Brager

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