[Dixielandjazz] urge to innovate

Tito Martino tmartino@terra.com.br
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 18:16:01 -0300

--Sheik stated: <<<< The urge to innovate is strictly a personal matter.
In the music market where one is trying to make a living, bandleaders
innovators to be a pain in the buttox, because those with the urge to
innovate usually display obnoxious egotism, and worse, usually
can't/won't conform to the band's style sufficiently to play so as to
make the band sound good...>>>>     I completely agree.

The exaggerate urge to innovate can lead into create or trying to
originate a new idiom, and forget all the cultural, historical, social,
humanistic conditions where Jazz originated. This new idiom can even be
good music, deserves a new name,  but certainly will not deserve to be
called Jazz; otherwise the word Jazz will lose all its meaning and serve
as marketing pitch for all kinds of garbage. =20
Or this already occurs?=20

On the other side, artists with the stature of Bechet, Armstrong,
Jelly-Roll, capable of creating a new musical context, are not easy to
find now-a-days. Do you know one?

My theory: if you want to express your poetry in Russian, first learn
Russian, it's grammatical rules and syntaxes, pronunciation, and then
put all your creativity to express your inspiration in this idiom. Jazz
is an Idiom;  we should learn it's syntaxes and pronunciation and then
express our creativity.   If some one wants to innovate, please go to
John Cage department. I like it too, and very much, but don't call it

Tito  Martino
S=E3o Paulo  Brazil