[Dixielandjazz] Attn All Members

Robert S. Ringwald ringwald@calweb.com
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 10:47:53 -0700

There continues to be many messages posted to DJML in HTML format.  While
this does not bother some members, it does cause problems for others.  We
should be considerate of our fellow Listmates.

Even if you think your settings are set for plain text, please double check.
Recently several members have posted in HTML when they thought their
settings were set for plain text.  Sometimes, for various reasons, your
parameters get changed i.e. return to default.

To AOL members:

The latest version of AOL 7.0 does not permit you to send plain text.  You
should complain to AOL about this.

While we are at it:

Please remember, this is not a Mailing List to promote your religious
beliefs, or any other personal beliefs, likes or dislikes which have nothing
to do with Jazz.  It is a Mailing List devoted to the discussion of
"Dixieland Jazz" & related subjects.  Please do your part to keep the
discussion on topic.

While you may think that your one off-topic message can't hurt, remember
that it often spawns replies and messages telling you not to post such
messages.  Invariably, as a result of your one off-topic message, 40 or 50
off-topic messages are posted.  We then begin losing good members who have
subscribed to DJML for its stated purpose and do not want to waste their
time wading through off-topic messages.

If it weren't for the many off-topic messages and related
discussions/arguments which have taken place on DJML over the past 7 years,
our list would be much larger and would have many more professional
musicians, writers, Dixieland enthusiasts, etc as members.

Your off-topic posts also cause complaints being sent to me and I haven't
got time to deal with them.  My time is much more valuable then to be baby
sitting grown adults who should know better.

Please, if you agree or disagree with this message, please send your
comments privately to me.  Do not clutter up the list with your thoughts or
complaints on this matter.  Again, this is a List for the discussion of
Dixieland Jazz and related subjects only.

Peter Lovric founded DJML on March 13, 1995.  He passed away unexpectedly on
Sept 8, 1997.  Since Peter's passing, IslandNet has hosted DJML free of
charge in Peter's memory.  We, the long-time members of DJML intend to keep
the List operating within Peter's guidelines.

If you disagree or wish to discuss religious, political, moral, health
topics, or any other topics not related to Dixieland (or related) topics,
then I suggest you join another mailing list, or start your own.


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