[Dixielandjazz] Unwritten rules??/

john Petters jpettjazz@btinternet.com
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 17:57:07 +0100

Bill said
>I know, I know . . . to most of us this practice (handing out your card on
gig) seems to violate some sense of 'fair play' and my gut reaction is this
is in poor taste.  But my gut reaction tells me that I ought to have the
>right to give a potential customer my card if I so desire

Nothing stops you from giving a potential customer a card - but it is still
bad form and should not be done on the gig.

If the venue puts on jazz gigs publicly then there is no reason way a
separate approach AFTER the gig, i.e., on another day, may not be made.

I had an experience at a jazz club where my band was playing. I do not put
my band out cheap, yet occasionally some musicians I employ will play for
next to nothing. In this situation when he was asked for his price (for a
bigger band than mine) it was way below my price. This gives the impression
that I am ripping off the club, and also means I would be paying this muso
more as a sideman than he would get as a leader. Nobody wins.
Another situation arose in a theatre. My show had filled the place. I
approached the manager for a re-booking and he said I've already talked to
............and booked the show. The show offered was not mine!!!!. This
ended up in court, since I fired the musician concerned and he sued me for
breach of contract and won!!!
So Bill I am afraid on this one I think you should be obliged to respect the
leader who has engaged you and resist the temptation of becoming a gig

John Petters
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