[Dixielandjazz] Unwritten rules??/

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Wed, 11 Sep 2002 12:50:17 EDT

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<< >. . . your band is booked at a local country club. It pays $100 per man, 
>and is a very nice gig!! Everything is going great, the band is cookin'!
>During the last break, you find the manager and let him know you've enjoyed 
>the gig, and you hope he'll call you again, so you hand him your card, and 
>he informs you that one of your sidemen just gave him HIS card, and 
>suggested he call HIM the next time if he wanted a band since he, too, has 
>a band. >>
>What would YOU do?? Is this an ethical thing for a sideman to do? Would you 
>hire that sideman again for another gig?

I am not a band leader but should a similar thing happen to me e.g. someone I 
had taken to a gig to help me sell CDs turned to the promoter and offered 
his/her services as a CD salesperson I would Never take him/her anywhere 
again and I would make sure that everyone I dealt with knew that he/she was a 
two-faced bastard who could be relied upon to stab friends in the back and as 
such was not worthy of any form of trust!