[Dixielandjazz] Jazz and poetry

Charlie Hooks charliehooks@earthlink.net
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 10:52:49 -0500

on 9/11/02 4:32 AM, James Kashishian at kash@ran.es wrote:

> Boy have you ever got that right!  That feeling of unleashed power you
> got
> from sitting down low, the bonnet and fenders rising UP toward the
> road--never gonna be replicated with high backs and low fronts!
> Vince still has the gullwing (1955), but it sits in a garage in bad need
> of restoration.  Take a look at my second sports car in the attachment.
> I had the Jag until 1966, when I came to Spain.  Had 2 kids by that
> time, and they didn't fit well into the car.  Plus, Jag Spain seemed a
> bit of a dodgy dealer, and I was afraid to bring it over.  Bought a
> Beetle when I got here (ugh!).  Later bought a Volvo S1800 in 1969,
> which was as close to a two seater as I could get with the family.
> However, after that it was Fords (albeit European) until the Honda.
> (Finally, the last kids left for college!!)  The S2000 has changed our
> lives.  Every weekend the band isn't playing, my wife & I (a school
> teacher) are off to someplace in Spain/France.  The top RARELY ever goes
> up, and my wife is such a good sport!
> I've got about 20 coats of wax on it, park it in the garage with a cover
> on it, never take it anywhere I can't park it where no one can reach it
> with their nasty doors..........
> In spite of all that, I drive it every day.  My gym is 18 k's from home,
> and I have private parking there, so we get to stretch our legs every
> day!!
> A lovely, lovely roar when you take it over 6,000 rpm, reaching
> deafening levels at 9,000 where it redlines!  Whatakick!  No niceties
> about the Honda.  It's strickly a driving machine.
> Nice talking to ya....
> Jim
> About Miles.............
> Luckily, he died
> young enough to be remembered as merely a highly talented a..hole.
> Nevertheless, get the book.  There is a whole new Miles in it!  By the
> way, I certainly wasn't pushing the drug thing!  I just always thought
> he didn't have a steady order for the list of the 3 items!  We would
> like to think his music was first, but it obviously wasn't, by a long
> shake.

Aw, hell, Kash!  How did you get so much smarter than I am?  Spain as a
place to live...other places you can reach easily from there...a bunch of
neat people (I grew up among Mexicans, but they all wanted to be
Spanish!)...these are all good choices!

So I'll get the book!  Because you say so.

Good stuff to you and yours,