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    If you have ever worked in sales in any other type of business, I don't
think you would have any reservations about handing out business cards to
    I am not a leader, nor do I have any aspirations to be one.  A leader
has a lot of foolishness to deal with, and I just want to play.  The leader
earns whatever extra compensation he gets.
    The manager of a country club, or a large hotel usually has more than
one ballroom and frequently has more than one function at the same time.
       I have a personal business card that merely identifies me as a bass
man.  Since every musician is a potential leader, I hand them out to both
leaders and sidemen, at any time.  Leaders as well as sidemen frequently get
calls for more than one gig on the same night, or there may be a time when
the regular guy can't make it for some reason.  I even give them to other
bass players...they may need a sub at some time, or get a call for a gig
they can't take.
      In the business world, nobody "owns" a customer.
Pat Cooke

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> Steve wrote:
> Or where an agent who booked
> a gig........... & gives you permission to hand out your card.
> I agree, Steve.  It happened to me recently.  A regular every other week
> gig we do is thru an agent.  A lady interrupted a conversation I was
> having with the manager, asking for our card.  I immediately introduced
> her to the manager.  I was on HIS turf, and it never even crossed my
> mind to behave differently.
> I always revert back to a good friend's comment made once at dinner when
> we were deciding on a wine.  Miguel said, get the better one, the bit of
> difference in price is not going to make a huge impact on your life.  I
> never, ever scramble after the last buck....remembering Miguel's
> comment.  A sometimes infuriating Spanish phrase is really very apt to
> all of this:  es igual, said in this manner....es iguuuaaaal (it's all
> the same).
> And, particularly, today, it is easy to feel how little significance our
> "tiny" problems have when faced with the greater problems of the world.
> Jim
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