[Dixielandjazz] Jazz and poetry

James Kashishian kash@ran.es
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 21:16:59 +0200

Charlie wrote:
Ah, yes, the old jazz-and-poetry mix, which always maimed both.

&, I comment:
Actually, it went down for the early South Frisco Jazz Band.  We played
a Coffee House in Seal Beach, Calif. 3 nites a week during that rage.
The other nites was poetry + bass, etc., but for the 3 nites, full-blast
was the word.  That was before Vince went all-out Murphy, and the band

Then Charlie wrote:
I was in my twenties when this craze hit the colleges, and my two
favorite things were (1) making love and (2) driving my Jaguar XKE at
100 miles an hour. 

Uh, Charlie, even Miles Davis admitted to having THREE loves;  jazz,
drugs & sex.  He also said he was never able to settle on the order of
those 3 items!!  (Refer to his autobiography which is a MUST reading.
The m...f...ker word appears a jillion times, but in between all that
are some great feelings about the artist & jazz in general.   Altho
hitting on white people left & right, he does say he didn't give a hoot
about a guy's color when playing with him, only with how he played!)

Anyway, Charlie, I was a tiny bit ahead of youse, methinks, as I had an
XK150 (eat yer heart out!), which was a joy, and Vince Saunders had a
300SL Gullwing!  We weren't rich kids, just a bit crazy for sports cars.