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"Bill obliged and recorded the band playing "You Rascal You" and "Old Man
Mose". So it was stomps, blues, rags and spirituals for the cognoscenti, and
Louis impersonations for the native New Orleanians. Why should this have
been the case and what does it tell us about the New Orleans Revival?"

It did not mean that much within the city but was an indicator to the
outside world that New Orleans jazz was where it had always been - in the
entertainment business. Kid Howard is often unfairly criticised for having
'done a Louis' in the 1930s. But he did it because he was requested to do so
by patrons of the clubs and bars where he earned a living. There's a guying
doing it today in NO. The difference with Howard however was that he had a
very distinct playing character of his own which he was soon (1943 onwards)
able to demonstrate more publicly.
The importance of the George Lewis band was that it created a new type of
New Orleans jazz that had not been played before................. and
there's a point to discuss..............