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Are you suggesting that we "pbbbbt" right in Al Feuer's face?

Ron L 8-)
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> The New York Times, Lionel Hampton  "New-Orleans-Style Send-Off" column
> by Alan Feuer is a poor attempt at jazz journalism. To compare Cyrus
> Chestnut (b. 1963) to Clark Terry (b. 1920) and Hank Jones (b. 1918) as
> an "old-time great" is nonsense. And to tell how Hamp serenaded the
> elder Bush's CIA is a waste of  the little space allotted to jazz in
> today' press.
> Feuer did at least mention Illinois Jacquet, but he was a lot more than
> a "saxophonist who used to play in Mr. Hampton's band". He was THE tenor
> sax player who, aged 19, played the 1942 solo in "Flying Home" that
> changed the whole tenor style that followed in the Jazz At The
> Philarmonic concerts, and elsewhere. Illinois's solo happens to be one
> of the few scored for a full big band section. Bunny Berigan's solo in
> Tommy Dorsey's "Marie" is another, and there are probably more.
> I know Illinois Jacquet well as his daughter, Pamela, graduated from the
> medical school where I taught. He says that when Hamp called for his
> solo, Marshall Royal, playing lead alto, said "Go for it" to the
> youngster, and Illinois did just that. Illinois, whose name is properly
> pronounced  Zha-KAY" ("New Grove" is correct) still leads his big band
> with zest, more in a swing and ballad mode than the honks he made
> famous. Cheers.
> Fred Spencer
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