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Sun, 8 Sep 2002 14:19:32 EDT

In a message dated 06/09/02 12:43:27 GMT Daylight Time,=20
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<< I=E2=80=99m not sure whether it=E2=80=99s etiquette on this list for new=20=
members to=20
introduce themselves, but I will anyway. My name is Robert Greenwood and I=20
live in the UK. >>

Hi Robert

Welcome from another Brit. We could do with a few more from this side of the=
pond to help balance the US contingent.
They are a great bunch with a  wide knowledge of OKOM and they have all=20
played with master jazzers of whom you have never heard. Most of them dead.=20
You will be expected to kneel on your prayer mat and make obeisance whenever=
anyone mentions Turk Murphy.
Write in plain text and attach no attachments and you will do fine. If thing=
get slow you may express your opinion that `What a Wonderful World` is a) th=
best thing since rationing stopped or b) the most sickly,gutwrenching, load=20
of sentimental rubbish ever scored. Either opinion will do because half of=20
the list will descend upon you en masse to explain in detail why are totally=
bereft of your senses.
Altogether thay are a friendly mob. If sometimes they get a little edgy it i=
only because they suffer from the stigma of being `foreign` and living=20

Welcome aboard


Pat :-)