[Dixielandjazz] Arthur Lyman

Paul Reid whadayesay@webtv.net
Sat, 7 Sep 2002 17:16:30 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Listmates,
          For others, like myself, who may have missed this one, Arthur
Lyman died last february from lung cancer at the age of 70. He and
Lionel Hampton were ardant admirers of one another. When in the same
city, they would often seek each other out and jam on each others gigs. 
        I played and recorded in Arthur's group, in the 70's. It's
ironic that we lost two great vibe players in this year.
       For those who may not remember, his albums were much like Martin
Denny's. Polyneisian jazz. In fact Arthur was in Martin's group when it
was formed. Five years later, Arthur left and formed his own succesful
group One of his mega hit's was Love For Sale.There has been a revival
of sorts on the lounge music CD's.  
       The N.Y Times, Honolulu Star Bullitin, and Honolulu Advertiser
have nice obit's on him that you can bring up on the net. The advertiser
also has one on his funeral. His ashes were scattered in Honolulu
Harbor. There is a beautiful picture accompanying the Advertiser article
of the service, different from the obit, complete with outrigger
      There is a site, among other's, devoted to his obits and tributes
which is the following.


"Uncle" Paul Reid