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A warm welcome to you Robert and pleasing to see what good tastes you have,
by your recent acquisitions, though I have a tough time listening to some of
the later Kid Sheik, after his chops had gone for good!   I guess the
Charlie Love CD would be an early one, from the time when Kid Sheik had good
On behalf of our fellow DJML'ers,. welcome to the list.
Sooner or later, like everyone else, you will ask what does the term OKOM
mean.   We use it to describe  "Our kind of Music".  It gets us away from
the misunderstandings caused by labelling of jazz styles, i.e. trad,
Chicago, Dixieland, New Orleans, traditional, ragtime, New York, stride, hot
dance, etc, which often have different meanings, based on where one hails
from, one's age and one's background!

We look forward to more interesting posts from you.   Last night, while
doing home renovations, my wife and I listened to the Luis Russell band and
a tape of early Bing Crosby recordings, mostly with Whiteman.    Both of
which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Brian Towers, (An English immigrant and trombonist!)
Hot Five Jazzmakers, Toronto, Canada
Band web site:            http://hotfivejazz.tripod.com
Newsletter:                  http://hotfivejazz.tripod.com/TJM

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> I'm not sure whether it's etiquette on this list for new members to
introduce themselves, but I will anyway. My name is Robert Greenwood and I
live in the UK. My tastes will perhaps become obvious if I list the CDs I
have acquired in the past week: a Billie and Dede Pierce on Riverside; Tony
Parenti's New Orleanians on GHB; some superb Louis from 1935 on Ambassador;
Punch Miller's band from 1960 on AM (Captain John Handy playing clarinet);
Charlie Love's Cado Band with Kid Sheik and Emile Barnes on 504; a Ken
Colyer/George Lewis concert recording from 1957 also on 504; one by Huey
Piano Lewis; a Louis Prima on JSP; an anthology of recordings made in New
Orleans before the revival by Kid Howard, Duke Derbigny and Andy Anderson on
> Any other New Orleans fans on this list? Make yourselves known!
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