[Dixielandjazz] Scratches

Jazzjerry@aol.com Jazzjerry@aol.com
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 18:49:14 EDT


Don't fret. Is the gig at gunton hall near Lowestoft which is about as far 
east as you can go in England? If so you might be very pleasantly surprised 
at the quality of the food and general set-up if you have not been to a 
'Warners' before!  The only silly games that I have come across at these 
events are those invented by the musicians in the bar at three o'clock in the 
morning after copious amounts of ale like 'can he stand up and play the 
trombone at the same time?'

If it is well paying and it is at Gunton Hall then I shall be doing my best 
to part you from the gig money with my stupendous selection of CDs all at 
very reasonable prices. Cash, cheques, Visa and Mastercard excepted etc. etc. 

By the way the piano is likely to be in tune as well!

If Gunton, see you Friday - your secret's safe with me - maybe???????