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>Herr Meinharter was heard to say to his conductor, "I've got a leek in my
>To which the maestro replied, "Go ahead, it's your violin."
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>> A new Viennese ensemble has been playing on instruments made from
>> vegetables.
>> The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra can play everything from the Radetzky
>> to jazz on their carved-out carrots, aubergines and pumpkins.
>> They came up with the idea after studying the sounds of vegetables being
>> chopped.
>> Jorg Piringer, the lead musician, plays a "gurkophone" horn which is made
>> from a hollowed cucumber, a green pepper and a carrot reed.
>> Fresh vegetables are used at each performance and afterwards a cook makes
>> big pot of soup or stew for the musicians and audience to eat.
>> "We have to buy new vegetables before each rehearsal and performance as
>> sound needs to be fresh. It takes a few hours to make the instruments,"
>> Nikolaus Gansterer, another player.
>> Matthias Meinharter, who invented and plays the leek violin, said: "When
>> was young I was told not to play with my food. Now we're playing with
>> but we still eat it afterwards."
>> The ensemble uses between 10 and 20 players, depending on the venue and
>> composer, and its performances have received mixed reviews.
>> "Needs more salt," sniffed one Viennese critic.
>> --Charlie
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