[Dixielandjazz] From Leon Oakley regarding Bob Helm

G. William Oakley gwilliamoakley@earthlink.net
Mon, 2 Sep 2002 08:57:33 -0600

Dear Friends,

Robert Helm, the gentle, so intelligent  man  who played the most creative,
"Hotter Than That" Clarinet and Saxophones and has taken his leave to the
Land of Jazz, to perform with his Pals to play the kind of Jazz that 'FRISCO

Bob passed from us on September 1st, 2002 at 4 P.M. joining recent  departed
Lionel Hampton on August 24th,  and William Warfield on August 25th.

Bob started to play Jazz during the Roaring 20s of the 20th Century and
continued into the 21st Century up until a few weeks ago,  setting a
Standard of  Excellence that varied very little into his 88th year.

Craig Dill has reserved the right to tell his Aunt Kay of her great
husband's passing sometime during this Monday morning.  Please honor his
request to perform this difficult task, before calling in person.

Details of forth coming Memorials for Bob will be announced as soon as
possible.  Thoughts and ideas are welcome.

Richard Hadlock will dedicate a special radio show to Bob Helm on Sunday,
September 8th, 2002 during his Annals Of Jazz show hour 7-8 P.M. on KCSM
91.1 FM.  This show has been in preparation for the last 2 weeks with hopes
Bob could have listened to it.  The show will include some unreleased
performances of  Robert Helm in concert with his many Jazz Friends.  Richard
has indicated that to present  Bob's contributions to American Jazz in a one
hour presentation is impossible, but it leaves open the possibility of
future shows  about the man from Dos Palos, in California's Big Valley.


Love,   Leon Oakley.