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To whom it may concern;
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>What's In A Name?  (For those who still think Jazz Aspen Snomass is a
>jazz festival)
>Press Release:  Contact: Elsworth Ichan JD.
>The Limited Partners Law Firm of Ichan, Cheathum and Howe announced a
>series of Class Action  suits against  a large number of entitles for
>falsely attempting to profit by deceiving unwitting consumers about the
>true nature of their operations.
>Among the more visible suits are those on behalf of would be Zoo goers
>who were drawn into sporting contests by the Detroit Lions, Cincinnati
>Bengals, Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears, et al. The complaint alleges
>that the only animals present were humans in funny suits abusing a
>deceased pig's bladder.
>Along with misrepresentations by the New York and San Francisco Giants
>who deceived attendees by claiming to have Giants on their teams when in
>fact they are peopled by regular sized folks.  Suits were also brought
>on behalf of native Americans against the Atlanta Braves, Cleveland
>Indians and Kansas City Chiefs et. al., for not hiring an adequate
>proportion of those minorities.
>To say nothing of the suit on behalf of the Audubon Society joining the
>Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Cardinals, Detroit Red
>Wings, Philadelphia Flyers et. al. This action claims members thought
>they were going to birding events when in fact the only birds they saw
>were those flipped to each other by unruly fans.
>These class actions have also impacted the music world where deceptive
>practices are rampant stated Mr. Cheathum. He was quoted as saying they
>are considering actions against bands such as the Cell Block 7 to force
>them to reveal the amount of time each member has spent as a felon in
>San Quentin, Folsom or Alcatraz (in the case of the elder members). He
>added that former felons all over California buy tickets to see and hear
>their peers and are severely disappointed by the band's clean cut
>appearance. And the professionalism of the band precludes their being
>subject to musical arrest.
>Or Igor's Jazz Cowboys which according to cowboys falsely lured into the
>audience, are not cowboys, and according to some Jazz "purists" in the
>audience, do not play jazz. The fact that this group is one of the
>biggest draws on the festival circuit has no bearing on the case added
>Mr. Cheathum.
>Even the venerable Sacramento Jazz Jubilee is a target says Mr. Ichan.
>They are still referred to as a "Jazz" Jubilee in the press when in fact
>much of the music there is not jazz. However, Mr. Ichan was unable to
>define "Jazz" when pressed and stated that the long term success of
>Sacramento's event was an indication of the broad scope of the
>"Our flagship suit will soon commence against The Original Dixieland
>Jazz Band. (ODJB)" "It seems" said Cheathum "that one Jimmy LaRocca has
>been trying to foist this band upon the unsuspecting public." Observers
>say that the ODJB was formed by Nick LaRocca, Jimmy's father, and that
>Jimmy owns the name, but Cheathum is pursuing the idea that this is
>false advertising.
>Lastly, a suit on behalf of the "Have You Hugged A Tree Today"
>organization was filed against Jazz Aspen Snomass. It is claimed that
>tree lovers from surrounding states were hoodwinked into going there
>over Labor Day to view an endangered species of the Aspen Tree. The
>"jazz" genus tree, an offshoot of the quaking Aspen exhibits a jazzy
>dancing motion (hence its name) in the fall when the leaves turn.
>Members who found out in time, were severely disappointed to learn that
>the only thing dancing there will be fans of Bob Dylan and Willie
>Nelson. However, they will still lose their hotel deposits and all
>events tickets which cost $175. Jazz Aspen Snomass, is a deep pockets
>producer of music events in the area. That they have been highly
>successful for more than a decade noted Mr. Cheathum, is obviously a
>result of deceptive practices.
>We have been successful in reforming some of the offenders said Mr.
>Cheathum. He cited Barbone Street, which was recently made the name of
>the lane on the band leader's farm after a deceptive practices suit was
>threatened. As long as the band members gather there once a year, we
>will not sue on behalf of the various street departments in neighboring
>cities, towns and villages, he added.
>Interested parties who may have suffered injury because of these
>deceptive practices may join the class by contacting the law firm which
>has offices in New York, Los Angeles and Denver.
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