[Dixielandjazz] Re: Limiting list postings to Dixieland-related

Charlie Hull Charlie Hull <charlie@easysounds.com>
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 09:23:44 -0700

Jim Beebe:

I enjoy your postings and generally agree with you, but have to take
exception to your comment regarding the variety of Steve Barbone's postings.

Some participants have a narrow range of interest; some wider.  Too bad
there isn't a polling mechanism built into the list.

I vote against restricting the postings to earlier jazz and swing (OKOM?).
While more modern and exotic jazz forms aren't my cup of tea, I try to keep
an open mind and learn what the rest of the world is doing.  I enjoy all the
postings from Beebe, Ingles, Barbone et al and wouldn't change the list for
anything.  Even the one-line reparte repeating all the comment from earlier
in the thread.

And thanks to whoever invented the computer keyboard, for including a Delete

Charlie Hull