[Dixielandjazz] Rube Band

David Richoux tubaman@wombat.net
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 09:02:28 -0700

In the San Francisco/San Jose area there is the Los Trancos Woods Community Marching
Band - it was formed in 1960 or 1961 and has been going strong ever since then. We
have had as many as 150 musicians (and others) but the usual size of the band is 35
to 50. We do 10 to 20 parades a year from small towns festivals in Central
California to huge parades in San Francisco and Redwood City.  Quite a few OKOM
musicians have been members - in fact, most of "And That's Jazz" are also part of
LTWCMB, but there are also many non-pro (or non-semi-pro) musicians, artists,
housewives, children, and even politicians in the band.
We use a monthly newsletter and e-mail announcements to let the members know details
of upcoming events. We also have a beer cart that follows along behind the band for
those long, dry parades
Most of the songs we play are in Bb, played through one time, sung, and then played
through again. We have a Drum General but he is getting ready to retire his
position. Right now I am the Semiconductor and I often take over leading the band
(mostly that is just calling the tune and getting things started - not much
conducting is needed :-)

You can see and hear more of this band at http://homepage.mac.com/ltwcmb.

If you want to buy a LTWCMB T-shirt let me know  I have a whole bunch of them...

Dave Richoux

BTW, there is a website established by University of California at Davis band that
lists links to a lot of interesting bands including The Seed & Feed Marching
Abominables and other "Rube Bands"  at