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Bob Romans cellblk7@attbi.com
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The Feed & Seed Marching Abominables"sounds just like the "Ophir Prison
Marching Band" in our area. A more class-less, rude, loud, and fun bunch of
guys you'll never find. They play an eclectic mix of New Orleans Jazz,
Swing, Hard Rock, Sousa, and you name it! The "leader-perfesser" keeps the
crowd in stitches continuously.They'll be the first group in a parade, dash
back to come through halfway , and then be the tail-end of the parade and
play a two hour stand-up concert on the spot to several hundred adoring
Just recently they've been part of the Sacramento Jubilee to everyone's joy!
What a great thread this is!
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>In Atlanta we have The Seed & Feed Marching Abominables. This group has
>around about 15-20 years, must have 50 or more members and are hired all
>time to stir up some excitement. They usually are present at every major
>parade and can often be found marching through a ballroom of executives at
>convention to make sure everyone is 'awake'. I believe the group is made up
>of volunteers (doctors, lawyers, artists, writers, stock brokers, whatever)
>and each person seems to be in charge of their own costume (which are often
>elaborate and always hilarious). The arrangements run from Sousa to concert
>band versions of pop and rock and are always just a little off on purpose.
>always look forward to seeing and hearing the Abominables!
>Rocky Ball
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