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>Yep, it was the same year...  I remember Art - a guy came up from the audience and says "I really love your playing, Mr. Hodes" but he pronounced it "hoads"  and, boy, did Art correct him!  I'm sure you can imagine...  Wonderful time!!! and some great performers!!!
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>>Hi, gang,
>>This reminds me of the Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville ragtime
>>"symposium" at which I was asked to perform.  The only thing they didn't
>>tell me was that I was on the program AFTER Eubie Blake!  Man, talk about a
>>hard act to follow!
>>   I don't know whtat year you were there but I was also at Southern Ill for a Jazzz program that included Eubie Blake.  I was with Art Hodes's group which included Jimmy McPartland and others.  I remember well that Eubie confused and enchanted everyone when
Stubby or anyone--
    OK, i'll admit my ignorance.  How DO you pronounce his name?  I've never heard it pronounced.  Reminds me of a music-theory teacher i had in college who said he was ridiculed for pronouncing 'misled' as "MYZZLed", but he had never heard it pronounced, only read it.

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