[Dixielandjazz] Everything happens to me...

Edgerton, Paul A paul.edgerton@eds.com
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 20:10:16 -0400

test a gave me this:
>Your mail to 'Dixielandjazz' with the subject
>    test a:" to: to two"
>Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.>
>The reason it is being held:
>    Too many recipients to the message
>Either the message will get posted to the list, or you will receive
>notification of the moderator's decision.

test b gets the same kind of response

test c the same...

It's interesting at some users are able to punch through while others
Note that THIS message does indeed go through. 

The point remains that those who follow "The Rules" will get through just
fine, those who do not, may not.

I think I'll just go home now.

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