[Dixielandjazz] chickens and bolshevism

MARTNO1@aol.com MARTNO1@aol.com
Sun, 23 Jun 2002 23:46:45 -0400

>From a 1921 music mag - Jazz prevents Bolshevism. Factory owners have been putting jazz bands into the factories and sponsoring factory bands. Music keeps the workers happier, and a happy worker is neither susceptible nor vulnerable to Bolshevism. From the same magazine, different article, different author. Jazz increases egg production. A farmer points his talking machine, loaded with a jazz recording, at the henhouse. The chickens step lively to the music, and the farmer discovers that a moving chicken is a more productive chicken, egg-wise. The farmer is happy, hopefully sales of jazz recordings spiked following this article, making the musicians happy (oh, except they probably didn't get royalties, forget the happy musicians). The Bolshevics were not happy, but then politics aren't about happiness. At least they got to eat more eggs.
Audrey Van Dyke
Alexandria, VA