[Dixielandjazz] Audience put downs

James Kashishian kash@ran.es
Sun, 23 Jun 2002 12:10:38 +0200

Jazzjerry wrote:

trouble is that I have heard some 'artistes' not just in jazz or even
'scoring' with 'put downs' for their own amusement or that of their
on some poor innocent admirer who thinks he or she is paying them a 
complement. That shows a rather high degree of arrogant rudeness!

I write:

I did a tour with Tom Jones in the early '70s all over Spain.  He had
his own rhythm section, but the brass & strings were locals.  For the
delight of his rhythm guys, he turned around to them while holding in
his arms a lovely, young thing (there I go again with that phrase...)
that he had pulled up from the audience, and remarked to them that the
hat she was wearing looked like a teapot.  She thought he had said
something nice, and melted!

Jim (I'm a little teapot short & stout, here's my handle & here's my
spout.....a tune NOT to be sung by naughtie little boys like
me.........) Kash