[Dixielandjazz] one liners - was audience put downs

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet@earthlink.net
Sun, 23 Jun 2002 01:04:01 -0400

Nancy Giffin wrote in support of Tom Wiggin's one liners:

"Bar-bo-ne, surely YOU've got a few one-liners!"

List mates & Nancy:

Yes I do. But I am reluctant to print them for fear that they will be as
misunderstood as Wiggin's were. Suffice it to say that last night at our
regular brew pub gig, I placed several strings of beads over one (of
many in the joint) gorgeous young lady's auburn locks. She broke into a
huge smile and said: "Do I have to do the deed to get these?"

You'll have to imagine the one liner reply.

Steve Barbone

PS. I can assure list mates that Tom Wiggins and his merry band of
Celestial players do not put audiences down. Give the man some credit
about being a real professional. He wrote most of the book on it and his
monetary success (gig prices) are a good indication of that. Remember
too that a few months ago, the phrase: "Gee you guys are pretty good"
was viewed as a subtle form of a put down. English being the wonderfully
imprecise language that it is, seems many times to make us hear
something entirely different from what the speaker really said so lets
cut the other guy/gal a little slack. Especially in Tom's case since he
has been a champion of playing to the audience in numerous posts in the

PPS. Bev & Bill Gunter stopped by last night at the Philadelphia area
brewpub to hear a set and see if we really have a young enthusiastic
audience. He gets back home in a week or so. Ask him about our PACKED
HOUSE, our swing dancers, our beads and the audience response to a band
averaging 70 years old, playing OKOM to a CROWD averaging about 28 years
old. And about this old man going out into that crowd and draping beads
around all those young, and some older girls, necks.