[Dixielandjazz] was nice newsletter - now Jazzin' the Great Bard! (warning - minimal jazz content)

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Tito -
My profuse and abject apologies for this unforgivable, though innocent
While I realised the "verse" was posted by you, I did not realise that the
inspired jazz adaptations were your very own.   Worthy of the Great Bard
himself, I might add, which led me to use the frivolous pseudonym "Will
Spearshake", as the writer, in my newsletter.
I am copying this to the DJML, to compensate in some small way for the way
in which I appear to have taken advantage of your verbal and poetic skills
in the gentle art of adapting sonnets.

My newsletter has now been changed. (better late than never!)
It is to be hoped that the change will reflect and pay due recognition to
this intriguing collaboration between medieval sonnetry and latter-day
Brazilian intelligentsia!

Seriously, though, my congratulations too on your enviable command of the
English language and literature.

Jazz content:  Would Shakespeare have been a jazz lover, if he had been
around in 1917?
Warm regards,
Brian (Canada via England!)
Newsletter:                  http://hotfivejazz.tripod.com/TJM

I hope we shall still be on speaking terms after the great game coming up
this Friday  - England versus Brazil!    Let's hope for an impartial
referee!   I think your guys will find the afternoon heat more to their
advantage than the English.   Now, should it rain, better watch out!

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I sent this post two times private to our listmate Brian Towers, but
they returned as  <briantowers@email.msn.com>: connect to
    server dropped connection
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>Hi Brian,
>Happy to see your nice newsletter, and honored of being chosen to
>collaborate anonymously to it with the ODE TO THE REAL JAZZ,
>the poem that I found, reformulated and posted to DJML as an answer to
>Steve Barbone´s question "What was made of Jazz? What was made of
>truth?".Probably you recognized Sonnet 8 from the Bard, but it's a pity you
>didn't gave any credit to my "few modifications", exactly those
> who changed the sonnet to an Ode to Jazz.
>Heck, the world is like that....................................
>Tito Martino