[Dixielandjazz] New York City JVC Jazz Festival

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet@earthlink.net
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 19:44:47 -0400

Jazzjerry@aol.com wrote about his musical preferences viz a viz JVC NYC (polite

> There are one or two exceptions including John Bunch who will be appearing in
> the bar / ballroom downstairs from my office on Friday 26th July. I am using
> his great talents to lead a backing trio  for a gig by Harry Allen.

Glad to see some on the list appreciate John Bunch. His tribute at the JVC
Festival in New York is $40 a ticket, so if you are near Jerry's show in
England, go see Bunch. It will be a bargain I'm sure. I hope Jerry encourges
Harry Allen to let Bunch stretch out a little bit.

I agree with Jerry and would not go to hear much of what is at JVC. However,
this is the successor festival to the Newport Jazz Festival which holds many
fond memories for me from a historical perspective.  I would go to hear Lee
Konitz, And if I had never seen Cecil Taylor, I would go to see him because
everybody should see him even if only just once. I may go, sadly. to see the
Carnegie Hall Jazz Band in their farewell performance. It is a killer band. John
Bunch? He is really great and fans will find some CDs of him and Kenny Davern
around. I saw them frequently in the NYC, and North New Jersey Clubs before
Kenny moved to New Mexico a while back. I would also go to hear Bill Charlap who
plays lots of songs from the 20s and 30s. Even at Birdland's admission price of
$35 plus a $10 minimum. And I'd go to hear Jackie McLean, a sometimes drinking
and bleacher buddy back in the 50s, at any price just to laugh at old times.

Birdland? Gosh, in the 1950s/60s, I could see Basie, Bird, Ellington, Gillespie,
Navarro, Powell, Roach, Silver, Kenton, Woody's Herds, Sarah, Ella or lots of
other "greats" there for $1 admission and a free view from the bleachers if I
didn't want a table, or had no bread. How times have changed!!!

The main reason I posted the article is to affirm that jazz is very much alive
in New York City. Admission prices for individual JVC events range from free to
$65. Some are priced at over $25 per set. Much different from the 3 day all
events badges that we see in USA, OKOM festivals on sale for $50. If one visited
all events at JVC, it would cost close to $1000. Somebody out there must be
listening. Would that we could do that for OKOM.

Three cheers, George Wein,  for still promoting jazz and still knowing how to
make it profitable.

Steve Barbone