[Dixielandjazz] New York City JVC Jazz Festival

Jazzjerry@aol.com Jazzjerry@aol.com
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 17:25:46 EDT

Hi Steve,

Interesting line-up but I'm afraid not a lot I would bother to cross the road 
to see. before you say anything they are no doubt excellent musicians but 
what they play does nothing for me. There are one or two exceptions including 
John Bunch who will be appearing in the bar / ballroom downstairs from my 
office on Friday 26th July. I am using his great talents to lead a backing 
trio  for a gig by Harry Allen. The other members of the trio will be Alec 
Dankworth on Bass and Allan Ganley on drums. Should be a good night. You're 
welcome to come if you are in the neighbourhood!

Come this next Friday, (21st June) if you like when I am presenting B.E.D. 
(Becky Kilgore, Eddie Erickson and Dan Barrett)  with British bass player 
Dave Chamberlain and one of the very best drummers in the country Steve 

Come to think of it I prefer the programme I have lined up for the rest of 
2002 to that of the JVC Festival in New York!