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Nancy's story reminds me of the time I was in Honolulu and was very excited
to see Trummy Young's band billed to appear in a local hotel.  Expecting to
hear the big, fat, raunchy and brassy trombone of the Louis Armstrong days,
I was in there "like a shot".    Imagine my surprise when I was assailed by
the ultra sweet sounds of a gentle horn, played with a delicate flair.  He
played "sweet" well but I was most disappointed.  Louis Armstrong's way was
the better way, for my taste.

My disappointment was off-set by enjoying John Norris terrific jazz band
playing at the Honolulu Hilton on Sunday afternoons.   I guess this would
have been in the late 1970's - memorable!
Brian Towers,
Hot Five Jazzmakers, Toronto, Canada
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> Hi,
> Since it's so quiet, I'll share a story that my dad told me today. (Yes,
> one of the young pup Listmates.)
> My dad was a navigator on yacht races to Tahiti and Hawaii back in the 50s
> and 60s, and on one of his trips to Hawaii, he stumbled upon Trummy Young
> playing a small gig in Honolulu. My dad inquired about what it was like to
> have Louis Armstrong for a boss: "Was he hard to work for?" Trummy
> "Yes," that Louis could indeed be a very demanding perfectionist at times.
> As an example, he said that Louis insisted he play trombone with a "big
> blast" sound, which really wasn't his preferred style. Trummy told my dad
> that, as an artist, he preferred to play it "soft and gentle." He then
> proceeded to show my dad exactly what he meant by playing Stardust for
> right there on the spot. Now Listmates, my father is a rather stoic old
> Irishman, so imagine my surprise when my dad got all choked up just
> remembering the moment, and describing how beautiful it sounded!
> Love and hugs,
> Nancy
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