[Dixielandjazz] Sadie Cola (née Goodson)

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Thu, 13 Jun 2002 09:13:05 +0100

I just heard from Brian Wod that veteran jazz pianist Sadie Goodson has
passed on. Below is the entry for Sadie from Brian's remarkable book "The
song for me - a glossary of New Orleans musicians and others of that ilk"

GOODSON, Sadie Piano; vocals
1901, Mar 29: Pensacola, FL
Sister to Billie Pierce and Ida Goodson. There were five other sisters, all
of whom played piano. Sadie was well known in the early days, playing in
such celebrated company as Buddy Petit when she was only 16. During the 20s
she was with Petit’s band on the SS Madison, and the group included her then
husband Chinee Foster. She also toured with her sister, Edna - a blues
singer, with the Mighty Wiggle Carnival. During the 30s she played cabaret
jobs with Kid Rena. Also played with Chris Kelly, and Alec Bigard. She
married a childhood sweetheart, Kid Sheik, when she was in her eighties, and
began a comeback that was still flourishing in 1994. She has been a regular
at Preservation Hall, and has toured extensively. Whilst recording with Bill
Bissonnette in 1993 Linda Young asked her what it was like playing for
Bessie Smith. “Buy the records", growled Sadie. Ida Goodson appeared
alongside Sadie at the 1994 Jazz Fest. Late in 1994 Sadie moved with Kid
Sheik to Detroit where she owns property and has relatives. She is reported
to be booked to play at the March, 1998 Copenhagen Festival along with
Gregg Stafford!