[Dixielandjazz] Overlooked Tunes

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Thu, 06 Jun 2002 10:01:23 -0700

Just a thought. Perhaps the most overlooked tunes are those written recently, say from 1950 onward. There are many in that half century that make great Dixieland songs.

Among the many advantages of playing the more recent tunes is that they are recognized by more of the general music audience. And so the band gets more attention from the general music audience.

And there are novelty tunes like "Frim Fram Sauce" that get attention when sung and played in a funky
Dixieland Jazz style. (Remember Nat Cole's rendition?) It goes over big time in our Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant gigs.

One of the ways to attract a young audience to Dixieland is to play tunes that they recognize. And there are many, many of them out there. Those old war horse tunes like Sweet Georgia Brown also go over big time with young audiences becaused to them, it is not an old war horse tune, but a high energy swinger. 

Check out some Paul McCartney too, like Michele. Heck, I suppose one could even do "Puff The Magic Dragon" in Dixieland fashion and gather up an appreciative audience. We might learn from the Aussies who do "Waltzing Matilda" recognized by almost everybody in the land of OZ

And for you guys in Texas, some of that country western swing is great for Dixieland.

Steve Barbone

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