[Dixielandjazz] Getting off

Donald Farwell farwell@erols.com
Thu, 06 Jun 2002 09:51:26 -0400

I have been a subscriber to DJML almost since the beginning. I am now 
trying, reluctantly and unsuccessfully, to get off it.
	The new protocol switched me involuntarily from the digest to the regular 
list, with the result that my inbox has been inundated for the past week 
with hundreds of messages, mostly of no interest. Following instructions 
(email to dixielandjazz-request@ml.islandnet.com and put REMOVE on the 
subject line) I attempted to unsubscribe. I received an answering message 
that REMOVE had been ignored, with the additional intelligence that I could 
get help by emailing to dixielandjazz-request@ml.islandnet.com and putting 
HELP on the subject line. I did this several days ago but have received no 
reply. Another message I received at some point informed me that if I 
wished to change my options I would have to use my password (cuucxi). I 
sent an email using this password and was informed that the password was 
not recognized.
	And there the matter rests. How does one get off this list? Can I appeal 
to Saint Peter, and if so what is his email address up yonder?
	BTW, I don't mind listmates knowing my password. Maybe someone can use it 
to unsubscribe me.
		Don Farwell