[Dixielandjazz] "Early Hours" (was Overlooked tunes)

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Thu, 6 Jun 2002 09:39:07 -0400

Hi Ron & listmates,

Yes. A nice tune and well worth airing occasionally.
For the benefit of DJMLers who might be interested in the historical side,
it was recorded September  2/1953 by a band led by Ken Colyer which included
Chris Barber, Monty Sunshine - clarinet, Lonnie Donegan - banjo (the
composer, with Monty Sunshine) etc.  Nice solo by Chris Barber on trombone,
from which solo, I am not ashamed to say, I have been known to quote, when
we play it!
While as Ron mentions, it was written in the skiffle era, it was not a
skiffle tune.

A year after that recording session, Colyer had dissolved that band, which
then went on to the famous Chris Barber jazz band, enjoying the rare
combination of jazz integrity and commercial success!

Colyer formed a new band, giving an opportunity to a promising young
clarinet player from Somerset an opportunity to break into the limelight.
The clarinettist was Acker Bilk of course, who subsequently went on to form
his own tremendously successful Paramount jazz band.

Brian Towers
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> Hi Stan,
> Early Hours came out of the British Trad/Skiffle movement of the 50's. I
> believe it was written by the banjo player, Lonnie Donegan. It's a real
> blues, quite independent of anything else. Too bad I didn't know you
> were unaware of it Sunday as I would have been happy to play it for you.
> Gremoli has been doing it from time to time forever it seems.
> How did you like the band with Hal smith on Drums? I really think he
> takes us to another level.
> Best,
> Ron
> Stan Brager wrote:
> >Ken;
> >
> >I'm not familiar with "Early Hours". Is it similar to Avery Parrish's
> >"After Hours" which was a big hit for Erskine Hawkins and countless
> >bar-pianists?
> >
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