[Dixielandjazz] FW: Old Folks by Pee Wee Russell

Bill Haesler bhaesler@nsw.bigpond.net.au
Thu, 06 Jun 2002 11:50:39 +1000

Dear Brian,
Stan Brager got it right!
It was included on a Kapp LP (KL-1028) as by 'Geo. Wettling's Jazz Trios'
recorded on 11 Feb 1956.
Gene Schroeder, p; & George Wettling, d; with:
Pee Wee Russell, cl; on "Louise/ Old Folks/I Would Do Anything For You/I'm =
The Market For You".
Lou McGarity, tb; on =B2Soon/ Pennies From Heaven/ Please Be Kind/ Shine".
"Wild Bill" Funaro (Davison, but not identified as such), c; on "Rose Room/=
It Pretty Mama/The Lady's In Love With You/Bye and Bye".
For years I have wanted this LP and only managed to get it from an auction =
year. Well worth the wait. I am playing it as I write!
As Stan B said, "Old Folks" with Pee Wee is on the Time-Life LP set under h=
name. No other reissues to my knowledge.
The Pee Russell Quartet (with Marshall Brown/Russell George/Ron Lunsberg)
recorded it for Columbia on13 Nov 1962.
I have the LP (the one with the cover photo of Pee Wee sitting in a Ferrari
Testa Rosa) and do not think it has made CD - yet. A very soulful version a=
all too short at 2.40!
While on the subject:
Pee Wee is on 2 versions of "Old Folks" featuring Lee Wiley. Both from Eddi=
Condon Blue Network broadcasts (21 Oct and 25 Nov 1944). These are the so-c=
'Town Hall' concerts mentioned by John Petters and are available in the spe=
Jazzology CD series. She also did it at a studio session by Eddie Condon's =
Concert Orch on 24 Oct 1944 which is/was available on Stash ST- CD 530. Thi=
includes a breakdown and a full 3.16 version. Sublime. For some reason Pee =
although at the session, is not on this tune. He takes a beautiful solo on =
next track "You're Lucky To Me" also by Lee Wiley.
Me mate Phil O'Rourke also mentioned having (somewhere) a version of "Old F=
by Bob Barnard. This was recorded in  New York on 25 Aug 1983 in company wi=
Ralph Sutton/Milt Hinton/Len Barnard. No wonder it is good!  It too is on C=
Sackville SKCD2-2023.
Kind regards,