[Dixielandjazz] Jazz Clarinetists

Stan Brager dixielandjazz@ml.islandnet.com
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 20:31:44 -0700


I've got the complete Stan Hasselgard "Swedish Pastry" session (6 cuts 
including 2 alternate takes) on CD. Do you want all of them or just 
"Swedish Pastry"?

Send me your address or, if you wish, I can copy them to either MP3 or .WAV 
files and email them. This would work out if you have a broadband 
connection. Alternatively, if you have a friend with a broadband 
connection, I can email them to your friend.

What's your pleasure?

I regret that I don't have BG's "Hora Staccato".

Stan Brager

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Does anyone on the DJML have a recording of Stan Hasselgard "Sweedish 
Pastry", or Benny Goodman "Hora Stacato"?  Would like to secure a copy on 
Cassette.  Thanks -

Benny Theiler
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