[Dixielandjazz] Re: American "Coronation"

David Richoux dixielandjazz@ml.islandnet.com
Tue, 04 Jun 2002 15:39:35 -0700

Jim, and all else who may be interested:
(sorry - I cannot quote your non-plain text message ;-)

I was in the US Navy Drum & Bugle Corps back in 1969 while at the San Diego boot
camp - a great experience with lots of ceremonial stuff every day, and even some 
parades in other cities. 

There is a video available that covers many of the US Military ceremonial units in
action. I saw it on the History  channel a few years ago - it was pretty good, but
not great. 

Dave Richoux

Here is the blurb from the A&E store website

Honor and Glory: America's Elite Military Honor Guards  (on VHS $25)
Their elegant drills are as precise as a Swiss clock. Their rhythmic cadences evoke
200 years of order and unity. Their music stirs a nation's pride.
 They are the honor guard units of America's military, soldiers whose skills dazzle
the world. Get a rare look inside these elite teams, from the rigorously selective
acceptance process through the notoriously intense training. Watch in awe as the
Marine's famed Silent Drill Platoon spins and tosses bayoneted M1 rifles for 10
minutes without a word. Work  escort duty with the legendary Old Guard the oldest
active unit
 in the Army -and march with the prestigious 144-piece Marine  Band, known as "The
President's Own." 

Thrill to this flag-waving celebration of the military's best America's foremost
symbols of excellence, discipline and teamwork.
 This product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada.