[Dixielandjazz] Re: Coronation

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Mon, 3 Jun 2002 19:08:08 EDT

Well in spite of all the adverse pre-judgements I have just finished watching 
the 'Pop Party in The Palace' and it was an event at which I wish I had been! 
The British ageing rockers performed excellently and I still find that Joe 
Cocker's rendition of 'With A little Help From My Friends' is great and the 
music of Queen is exciting. Given the format of the evening probably on the 
Count Basie Orchestra at full belt would have been able to compete were jazz 
involved at all! The American contributions came from Tony Bennett, Brian 
Wilson and Kermit the Frog.

The backing band which consisted of the Royal College of Music Symphony 
Orchestra plus various top notch session musicians led by Phil Collins on 
drums did an excellent job backing all sorts of pop music from the last fifty 
years. The staging by the BBC with production by Sir George Martin was as 
spectacular as it should have been and as far as I could see the whole thing 
went off without a hitch which given the number of performers all lined up to 
perform one song one after the other was nothing short of a miracle. A crowd 
of 12,000 attended to event in the Buck House grounds and it is estimated 
that around one million others were outside the Palace in nearby parks.

The evening finished with what must have been the most spectacular firwork 
and light show with music that London must have even seen. Interesting use of 
music starting with Bill Haley and Elvis and finishing with Handel's Royal 
Firework Music.

When us Brits organise a party we sure do know how to do it!

Musical content - Plenty - but not of the DJML type!