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I always wondered about your "embouchoire" (embouchure?) Brian!

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> Jim,
> Wishing you a quick recovery and my sympathies.  Reminds me of my days
> the Dolphin jazz band in Hastings when a frantic jiver, driven to a frenzy
> by the passion of our music, flung her arm out and hit my slide - taking
> my front tooth as clean as a whistle!    That was the end of me for the
> evening.
> It was a blessing in disguise, as my dentist put on a crown which improved
> my embouchoire considerably, the old tooth used to stick out a bit!
> Regards,
> Brian
> Hot Five Jazzmakers, Toronto, Canada
> Trillium Jazz Cruise:  http://jazz_cruise0.tripod.com
> P.S. Had a great time in Spain in April.  Sat in three times with the
> Coastline Dixielanders (Malaga area)
>     My old school friend, Geoff Coates plays banjo and sings with the
> Mike, the trombonist, kindly lent me a trombone and he switched to
> sousaphone.  Mike played for the RAF for 22 years and knows his horn.
> Too bad I did not have time for Madrid - my wife only let me off the hook
> for ten days and so I had to get back to T.O.   i plan to return next year
> and visit my sister again - next time I will make it to Madrid!
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