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<< It also had popular as opposed to pop music. Now anything pre 1960 is 
ghettoised into specila programmes. The rest of the output is garbage fromn 
the 60s - 90s. >>

The problem is John is that 'popular music' continues to grow as time goes 
on. What was pop music in the 1960s and was played on the pirate stations and 
the fledgling Radio 1 has now entered into the 'nostalgia' bracket and 
therefoe is included into Radio 1. Don't forget that a person who was 16 
years old when 'All You Need Is Love' (the song selected as the special 
anthem of the Queen's Jubilee) was first published and performed in 1967 will 
now be 51 years old and to them music of the 1960s and 1970 is what they want 
to hear to remind them of their youth. I was reminded of this yesterday 
whilst at a party attended my a number of university students who had just 
completed their first degree courses (i.e. around 21-22 years old). I 
remarked that I had attended the first concert that Bob Dylan gave in this 
country a comment which was met with awe as it had been almost 20 years 
before they were born! Other pop groups I used to hear in the 1970s when I 
was at the University as a mature student had all happened before they were 
born so also meant nothing to them.

Also not everything from the 1960s to 1990s is garbage.

Thankfully there are plenty of good programmes on Radio 2 which might cater 
for minority audiences but don't let us forget that we are a minority 
audience together with followers of theatre organs, brass bands, folk music, 
classic blues, 1950s rock and roll. We should be pleased that as well as the 
general Sunday programmes such as Michael Parkinson and Desmond Carrington 
which covers a range of music including a certain amount of jazz there are 
excellent programmes from Russell Davies (2 hours) on songwriters as well as 
an hour from Malcolm Laycock of big band music. Also a quick glance at this 
week's 'Radio Times' shows that we can also enjoy the second part of a d
ocumentary series on Fats Waller presented by Clarke Peters and the first 
part of a new series written by Mike Pointon and presented by Eartha Kitt on 
torch singers this time concentrating on Helen Morgan. Later I believe there 
is a programme on the very neglected trumpeter/singer Valaida Snow. 

Given the minority interest in our music we possibly don't do too badly on 
what is after all a mainstream radio programme with a brief to cater 
musically for those who have graduated from Radio 1 and it's moronic 
presenters. I upset one of the receptionists at the Lakenham Leisure Centre 
who had put the bar radio onto Radio 1 that the programmes and music was 
designed for mentally retarded 12 year olds with hearing dificiencies!