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<< There is nothing comparable to this any where in the world. >>

Not Coronation chaps please. We had that 50 years ago. JUBILEE.

I wasn`t going to get in to this but since it has been brought up....

Yesterday afternoon I played a four hour gig for a Jubilee Street Party. The 
householders who lived in the street had obtained permission to close the 
road to traffic. Tables and chairs were set up and hog roast organised, rice 
and salads supplied by various ladies. Bouncy castles for the kids. Union 
flags and red white and blue bunting strung everywhere.All householders took 
turns at monitoring the  people who were about, serving food and drink, 
watching the kids. A BBC camera team turned up and filmed everything all the 
afternoon.Lots of stuff of the band, mainly arty shots of the guitar players 
fingers and my foot working the hi hat, plus some intriguing stuff involving 
the bass players nasal hair.
All this under an azure sky and a hot sun. The best days weather we have seen 
this year. Thats organisation!
Arrived home and split a bottle of wine with my wife and then sat on the 
patio with a couple of snifters of Armagnac as dusk fell and watched as  the 
lights of the town below began to come on while I listened on TV to the 
Concert from the grounds of Buckingham Palace. 13000 guests ,selected at 
random, enjoyed Kiri Ti Kanawa, Rostropovich, the Royal Ballet, Handels, 
Zadok the Priest, Fanfare by William Walton, Solo de Concours by Andre 
Messager played by 12 year old clarinetist Julian Bliss. A rousing rendition 
of Pomp and Circumstance which is  `Land of Hope and Glory` to us, sung by 
the choirs and the crowd, including the 40,000 who watched the proceedings on 
giant screens erected outside the Palace Grounds. Handels `Music for the 
Royal Fireworks` first performed 250 years ago for a previous Sovereign, 
accompanied, what else?, a fireworks display. Then the National Anthem, much 
derided on this list recently, produced the usual frisson which is always 
created when a large and enthusiastic crowd get their teeth into it.
Altogether quite a day.  Hooray for the Monarchy, say I and confusion to her 
enemies. Not many anti monarchists or republicans about this weekend.
Today my garden is being used for a party of about 50 Rotarians and their 
wives who will be entertained with stawberries and cream and Pimms No 1 and 
music, on disc, of MY choosing. The weather is still warm and sunny but 
clouding up a little. Fingers crossed!
Incidentally there is a pop concert for 12000 guests at the Palace on Monday 
night featuring a collection of rock and roll,garage,hip hop or whatever 
passes for music with the younger set these days. That will be attended by 
Princes Harry and William.
Quite a weekend.