[Dixielandjazz] Anne Davison video

Robert S. Ringwald ringwald@calweb.com
Sun, 25 Aug 2002 23:31:02 -0700 (PDT)

Burt Wilson asked me to send this email out.  
Please respond to him, not me.  
Dear fellow listmates--
The Anne Davison video--"Wild Bill's Woman--is finished!
I will take part next weekend in the memorial to Anne at the 
Sweet & Hot Music festival in LA.  Hope to see you there.
The video runs 1:07 and these are some of the highlights:
1. How Anne was discovered by Hollywood and by whom.
2. Why she knocked Orson Wells down a flight of stairs
3. Why Anne left Hollywood
4. How she met Wild Bill and their interesting "courtship"
5. When she asked Bill how many women he'd had
6. Bill's troubled early life
7. How he got the name "Wild Bill"
8. The magic of Condon's
9. The famous fights (among the ladies) at Condon's
10. The famous Conrad Janis sit-in story
11. She and Bill living in the country
12. The night bill escaped a traffic ticket by playing "Stardust"     
for the cop
13. The Davisons in Japan and Denmark
14. How Bill died
15. Exclusive video of Bill playing in Japan and Scandinavia
16. And much, much more, as they say....
The cost is only $19.95 plus S&H.
You can order by credit card (Visa/MC) at the following secure 
If you prefer, send a check for $24.90 to
Burt Wilson
1731 Howe Ave, PMB 545
Sacramento, CA 95825
For the musicians on this list, the comments by Bill and Anne on 
how all musicians in America are underpaid and how American 
audiences make noise while European audiences come to listen--
these alone are worth the price of the video!
Please forward this e-mail to anyone whom you think may be 
Thank you very much,
Burt Wilson