[Dixielandjazz] David Richoux St CA State Fair

David Richoux tubaman@batnet.com
Sun, 25 Aug 2002 21:03:18 -0700

"Robert S. Ringwald" wrote:
>  > I was driving home from a gig Saturday at the California State Fair
>  David, where & with whom were you playing @ the California State Fair?  I
> was there yesterday & saw several musical groups.
> You weren't with the band that marched through the waterfall with their
> instruments, saxes & all, were you?

hey, when it seems like 120 degrees and you just played a long set in the hot
California sun - it feels reeel good ;-)  The saxes and other reed players were
warned and had the option of marching around the edge of the fountain in the dry
spots (and most did...)

This is the same group that has played on the streets of Old Sacramento during the
Jazz Festival: The California Repercussions.  I have been part of this group since
the early 90s and have toured many parts of the world with them - lots of very good
musicians and a lot of  people who love having fun while they play the music!  
More info at www.repercussions.com

Dave Richoux