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Don Ingle dingle@baldwin-net.com
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I certainly would add Lee Wiley's composition, as well as her vocal of it,
"A Women's Intuition."
But then I am perhaps the greatest living fan of Lee Wiley's work. Wonderful
clarity of melody and lyrics, great phrasing that never lost sight of what
the melody line was.
Her rendition of a Truman Capote/Harold Arlen tune still
knocks my socks off.
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> > I would certainly add:  I Get Along Without You Very Well...
> Me, too, Don.  The chords are perfect for the lyrics, and we all can
> to that "fake it till you make it" state of denial that helps us struggle
> through our grief.
> In contrast, "Good Morning Heartache" embraces the pain. It is so lonely
> to befriend the grief: "Good morning, heartache. What's new? ...sit down."
> I also appreciate the unconditionally-loving lyrics to "My Funny
> "You make me smile with my heart. Your looks are laughable,
> unphotographable; yet, you're my favorite work of art..."
> "But don't change a hair for me, not if you care for me..."
> (The sound of Nancy's sigh)