[Dixielandjazz] Score - 4' 33"

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Mon, 19 Aug 2002 22:41:13 -0500

If you're going to record 4:33", don't forget to send the royalty check to
Harry Fox.
    Pat Cooke

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> Gunter gets no corner on the market today...
> I will make available, on request, an MP3 file of the complete debut
> performance by the composer himself.
> One technical note about this remarkable restoration effort: the MP3
> uses a form of "lossy" compression. That is, some of the data contained in
> the original, uncompressed file is removed. The compression algorithm
> into account the nature of human hearing and removes data that is
> inaudible. This results in a much smaller file size, and to all but the
> critical listener, with no loss of fidelity.
> Why settle for a map (the sheet music) when you can have the territory
> composer's definitive recording) ?
> Act now, this is a limited-time opportunity, beware the RIAA and its DMCA
> goons!
> Paul (former recording engineer) Edgerton
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