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The comment was that he would not have played in a brothel in Storyville. .

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> Re: the comment that Duke Dejan was too young to have walked around
> Storyville:
> Storyville opened in 1897 and was closed by pressure from the US Navy in
> 1917. Duke Dejan, born in 1909, could well have been there as the NY
> Times and the New Orleans Times - Picayune wrote in their obits. He
> would have been 7 or 8 years old which, given the tenor of the times,
> makes it quite possible for him to have been there listening to Louis,
> King Oliver et al. Just as Louis listened to Buddy Bolden when he was a
> youngster, and sold buckets of coal to the hookers in Storyville Cribs.
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